Infected man

Infected in the secret lab, 2010

"Damn Infected they're everywhere!"- Private Fargo 2010


The infected, also known as "zombies" aswell as "The children of God" by Captain Landson were human beings that succumbed to the virus.  Once coming into contact with the virus, it was near impossible to stop the infection.  It slowly and painfully spreads through the body, decomposing cells transforming the victim into a walking corpse. 

The process for a human becoming infected is  long and painful. The unfortunate victim would be in constant pain as the body undergoes the transformation. After infection the human host becomes mindless. Previous memories and emotions are nonexistent, their only remaining purpose is to eat the flesh of the living.  

Although they may seem weak and clumsy, an infected holds great brute strengh.  They can endure gunfire and have been shown able to break the neck of a fully grown human.  They can be killed by firearms or blunt instruments.

Infected seem to have lost all their brain cells, incapable of properly thinking or simple communication. However it has been shown, that sometimes if the will and detirmination of the individual remains strong they can retain their mind even when infected, this is a rare event but Doctor Reeve retained his mind

An infected during the second stage of the virus

and human memories after becoming infected.

The lifespan of an infected can only go on if the infected manages to consume a average amount of human flesh. The infected individual soon goes through the second stage of the virus, they lose almost all their skin and becomes a rotting walking almost skeleton like corpse. Death will arrive shorty after, infected can be killed with certain weapons such as guns and sharp, blunt objects.

Once a human becomes infected it is almost impossible to become human again, however there have been several attempts to create a cure for the virus, but most attempts of succesfully creating a cure have ended in failure, but in 2035 Company leader Johnson had managed to create a cure. The cure effectively halted the spread of the virus.