Susie wakes up in the hotel's bar, 2010

"Lucky this place is a hotel..." - Susie`s Dad to Susie and Scaz 2010


The Hotel was a building in Hill Nothing, Scaz's mum worked and lived there with Scaz before getting infected, although she wasn`t seen because the original chapters were changed, Susie, her Dad and Scaz went there for shelter to hide from infected, later an infected Brian attacked them, they were forced to get out and they escaped by getting out a window and jumping on a dumpster. Later they returned, this time with Reaper and captured Russian Soldier Adam, luckily for them the infected Brian was gone, Reaper then searched the building just to make sure no infected we're lurking around, Reaper and Susie's Dad then stacked furniture against the windows and locked the doors to keep the infected out. Reaper decided kept watch all night with his gun close to him. The group could now spend the night there safely, but during the night a Russian soldier called Glover attacked the hotel armed with an assualt rifle, but Reaper managed to shoot him, the next morning Reaper, Susie her Dad left, soon Adam also left leaving the hotel empty once again.

The hotel was left empty for a number of years collecting dust.

In 2035, Johnson the new ruler of the company had his main HQ in Hill Nothing, Commander Coil had the hotel used as a command post for his officer's and men, the furniture stacked against the window's by Reaper was still left from 2010. After Johnson had been defeated, the Hotel and the town of Hill Nothing was deserted once again.

In 2040, as Scaz returned to Hill Nothing he and a man called Henrey escaped into the Hotel while trying to evade creatures from the experiment.