Hill Nothing's hospital, 2010

"Don`t worry, Im going to get you to the hospital" - Susie`s Dad to Captain Jacob, 2010

The Hill Nothing hospital was the main health service for the small town of Hill Nothing, Susie's Mum was born here and so was Susie. Several residents of the town worked for it, in 2010 teenage Brian was being sent here by ambulance for getting shot by Susie's Dad, a Paramedic who worked for the hospital was sent to pick him up, but Brian became infected and killed the paramedic, as the virus broke-out across the town and the world the hospital was soon infested with infected. Susie's Dad tryed to bring injured policeman Captain Jacob to the hospital but the officer soon succumbed to his wounds and died just a few blocks away from the hospital.

What remains of the hospital is now just in ruins along with many of the other buildings in the old ghost town of Hill Nothing.