Scaz and Susie in the subway, 2010

"We will have to use the subway" - Susie's Dad to Susie and Scaz 2010

The Hill Nothing subway ran between the highstreet and the mainstreet of Hill Nothing. Due to the town's small size and population the subway seemed rather unnecessary. On the night of the virus attack, deadly infected roamed the streets attacking anyone they came across. The subway personnel quickly fled the subway but the actual train under the power of the computers and batteries was left running between the mainstreet and the highstreet. The Hill Nothing police force quickly set up blockades to prevent infected from escaping the town, this then blocked the highstreet and mainstreet from connecting.

The Russian attack force that attacked Scarlet in Hill Nothing earlier had to use the subway to get to the mainstreet, teenage Susie with her Dad and Scaz later went to the subway to get to the mainstreet aswell. Susie's Dad was left behind by mistake after the train automaticly shut its doors before he entered. Susie's Dad just managed to escape the Russians on the train when it came back.

The subway is now in ruins, just like the rest of the lost town of Hill Nothing.

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