Hill nothing police force

Officers prepare to open fire, 2010

"Open fire!" Police officer 2010

The Hill Nothing police force were a small unit based in the town. Since Hill Nothing was a remote town, and had a small population of just over 500 people, crime was not much of a problem. In 2010 a teenager named Brian was shot by Susie's Dad in the local highschool for striking Susie, Officer Eddie, Captain Jacob with Officer Jenny and Officer Lauren were sent to the scene at once. Jacob and Eddie arrested Susie's Dad, and take him away for questioning. That night, The virus enters Hill Nothing. Officer Eddie and Jacob are among the first people to be killed. The other officers quickly outnumbered by infected that begin attacking the town. To prevent infected getting outside of town, and to stop more getting in, the police seal the town's entrances. As the officers try to protect the survivors, they form blockades and battle the infected, although the police kill many infected they are soon overpowered and the remaining police officers are quickly killed.

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