Hill Nothing mainstreet aftermath, 2010

"Hill Nothing mainstreet, i used to love this place"- Scaz to Susie 2010


Hill Nothing mainstreet was once a popular and the main part of Hill Nothing, the local highschool was located here aswell as the Hill Nothing CCTV building, the mainstreet was once loved by Scaz and Susie untill the virus attack in 2010. This was also where Susie, her Dad and a strange man called Reaper fought against The Russians and infected while trying to escape the town.

After the virus attack the mainstreet along with the rest of the town was deserted and left in ruins, when Johnson took controll of The Company in 2035 he made his main HQ at Hill Nothing. Commander Coil was stationed at the town along with several Company grunts, the CCTV building became the HQ command center but this was nothing compared too when a Dark Portal was found planted in the CCTV building.