The Hill Nothing CCTV building, 2010

"Hey, I remember this place..."- Scaz to Susie Hill Nothing 2035

The Hill Nothing CCTV building was located in Hill Nothing mainstreet, it was also where the town's CCTV man worked, on the night of the virus attack in 2010, a Dark Portal planted in the building was quickly protected with a barricade of furniture and junk, later when teenage Scaz and Susie along with Susie's Dad arrived in the building looking for the CCTV man but fail to find him for he either died or escaped the town, while they we're looking for him, Scaz falls to the ground burning, he gets back up as an infected hungry for human flesh, Susie and her Dad escape Scaz by running into a elevator to the top floors, a strange man called Reaper appears to Susie and her Dad, knowing that a Russian attack force whom they saw earlier and going to escape on a helicopter they decide to try and take it.

Meanwhile outside the Russian The General orders his men to go in the building to kill Susie and the group, but instead are killed one by one, by the infected Scaz.

In 2035 when Johnson took over The Company, he had his main HQ at Hill Nothing, Commander Coil second in command of the Company who was stationed in the town, had the CCTV building become the command center, Susie and Scaz later came across the Dark portal planted in the building.

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