Henrey speaks to Scaz, 2040

"I said who are you?" - Henrey to Scaz, 2040

Henery was born and raised in the quiet town of Hill Nothing, he even once lived next door to Susie and her Dad, he was also a close personnel friend of Scaz's mum, he managed to survive the virus attack in 2010 but sadly he was unable to help his daughter Jessie who was only a seventeen year old teenager who was killed by infected, he quickly left the town, he didn't go to look for Scaz and Scaz's Mum for he thought they had already left, Henrey did not to return to Hill Nothing after the virus attack was over. Henrey also managed to survive the second virus out-break in 2035.

In 2040 after the deadly Global Killer device bomb was launched and the world ravenged into darkness and the surviving remains of mankind build a Underground city to survive, Henrey decided to make a return to Hill Nothing to recover some old photo's of his family, once in the lost town of Hill Nothing, Henrey came face to face with deadly creatures, he quickly ran into the deserted Hotel where Scaz's Mum used to work, then another man came in the building dressed as a ninja, the man identified himself as an older Scaz, Henrey was briefly shocked, after a short talk, the two decide to join up and run back outside to warn everyone in the Underground city about the creatures, before they leave Hill Nothing, Henrey wishes to return to his old house to pick up some photo's of his family, as he steps into his home he feel's sad bitter memories, he picks up some photo's but before he and Scaz leaves, glass breaks in his old kitchen, as he goes to investagate thinking it may be another survivor, one of the creatures emerges and kills him, Scaz full of anger in return kills the creature, Scaz looks over Henrey's dead body, Scaz now very sad tries to pull himself together after the loss of Henrey, Scaz leaves the house leaving Henrey to lie in peace, the dead body of Henrey is holding a picture of a unidentified woman, possibly his wife.

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