Susie in Hell, 2035

"Ah, I'm back...I'm home"- Johnson after just returning to his true homeland

Hell, as its name well puts out, is a fire wasteland, the ground is ravanged, there is no sunlight, no wind, just the red dust moving around the wasteland, the sky is red like blood, scattered around hell is strange crystal plant like object's making hell look even more sinister, hell is also the true home of the mysterious Johnson who claims he is the devil, although Johnson earlier claimed he had not come from hell but had a mother, although his exact past is rarely mentioned during the series, later Johnson, now leader of the Company with Colonel Damus, travel to hell using a Dark Portal, to await the Dark Lord so Johnson could take its power, soon Susie and Scaz come here through a Dark Portal aswell to escape the Dark Lord, it is here where we learn the true identidy of the Dark Lord who turns out to be Susie's Mum, Damus also finds his death here, soon after Claw arrives in pursuit of Johnson, the group quickly leave with Johnson and the Dark Lord close behind.

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