Claw waits in the airfield, 2032

"There's an airfield with some helicopters, come with me" - Joe to Susie 2032

The helicopter airfield was located in New York city 2032. It was mainly used by the Army, when Dark Origin attacked the city most personell left but the airfield remained intact, when the virus was later unleashed and infected spread across the city the Goverment quickly put the city under Quarantine, blocking all ways of getting out of the city and prepared to fire a nuke at the city at sunrise in order to kill and wipe out all the infected, however the airfield was a blindspot to the Military and it was the only possible way out of the city, not many people knew about the airfield, but a special team under the command of Joe sent into the city knew about the airfield and informed Susie and her friends about it, Dark Origin's leader Johnson and vice leader Claw also knew about the airfield, just a few miniutes before sunrise Johnson and Claw escaped on one of the helicopter's and soon Susie, her Dad and friends escaped on another helicopter at the last moment, the airfield was quickly destroyed along with the rest of the city when the nuke was fired on New York shortly after.

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