Gravinn climbs out of E9-Delta, 2010

"Chopper E9 -Delta come in!" Adam to E9-Delta while flying over Hill Nothing 2010

E9-Delta was a military helicopter flown by Gravinn who was sent to pick up the Russians after Scarlet was killed, the chopper when it landed in Hill Nothing but it ran out of fuel, soon most of the Russians were killed by an inected Scaz and Gravinn also killed and the General was wounded, Reaper, Susie and her Dad tried to escape in it but the General shot it down with a rocket launcher to prevent them from leaving and Reaper then killed the General. Meanwhile the other chopper flown by Adam was trying to contact E9- Delta but he didn't know that it was destroyed.

In the aftermath the wrecked helicopter is not seen since it was so badly burned out.

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