Guardian enclave

Guardian enclave, 2032

"A place which is hidden...where there is peace" - White to Susie 2032

The Guardian enclave was were the Guardians on Earth stayed and trained, it was a place of peace and very beautiful, it had some fountains and had many gardens outside, the Guardian Council would normaly stay in the enclave, Susie first came here when her Guardian friend White took her in for Guardian training, Susie trained in the enclave under the eyes of White. Later when Susie was killing all of the Guardians to uucover the location of the Company leader, she launches an attack on the enclave and kills many of them in clod blood, some defended themselves but Susie shot them all.

Later an assasin robot outside the enclave came but Susie quickly shot it down.

When the nuke hit New York the enclave would have been destroyed as the nuke destroyed the city, however not all the Guardians we're present at the enclave when Susie attacked, some we're out on the forgotten planet of Romad.