EOH grunt troop

Grunt troop opens fire at Susie, 2020

"Die freak!" - Grunt troop to Scaz and Susie 2020

The Grunt troops were part of Dark Origin 2020 and were attached to the Dark Origin troops they mainly dealt with warfare situations, they with their leader Howard Gallow took over the Nuculear facility island, they came across several policemen guarding the island and killed many of them except Steve Temple who escaped, unlike their counterparts who patrolled the outside of the facility they mainly patrolled inside the facility, when Susie got on the island she teamed up with Steve and they fought and killed many Grunt troops, when Howard and Dr Jerry went to Hill Nothing to get to the secret lab, he took some of his men, Soon Susie and her old friend Scaz came to stop Howard they killed the rest of his men, when the facility was recaptured many Grunt troops would of been killed or escaped.

Some of the soldiers we`re used for the new Dark Origin in 2032.

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