Government pilot

Government pilot talks to Susie, 2020

"What, nobody told you?" - Pilot to Susie 2020

The pilot served in the Global Biohazard Security Service (G,B,S,S, for short) as a helicopter pilot. In 2020 when a terrorist group known Dark Origin and its leader Howard Gallow, took over the Nuculear weapons facilty island which stored the country's nuculear warheads.

He was chosen as the pilot to send an G,B,S,S officer called Susie to the island to stop the terrorists, he was quickly briefed about the mission and soon he was flying over the sea to the island with Susie, to avoid attention from the terrorists, he was told to drop Susie off outside the island so she would have to swim the rest of the way, before he drops Susie off he wishes her luck and gives some advice, as soon as Susie gets out he flys out of the area and back to base. After Dark Origin we're defeated he would of went back to normal duties until the second virus attack in 2032.

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