Cargo freighter travels without a crew, 2032

In 2025, a contract was made to produce around two hundred cargo freighters to help collect natural resources and minerals for Earth's survival. The standard cargo freighter could hold up to a crew of around 80 men. The normal length of time it would take to leave earth and reach it's destination would normally be three standard days. The cargo freighters would be sent to moons that were close to Earth, but they would never leave known space due to the dangers of exploring the unknown regions of space. The cargo freighters were normally impossible to capture due to their special security system which could detect anything trying to access into the freighter itself. However, in 2032 a group known as The Fallen managed to capture one the ships and kill all the crew. They were able to do this by wearing stealth generators on their bodies which made them invisible. The security system did pick up the sound of people on the side of the freighter but when the crew checked the security cameras, there was noone there. The freighter's security team went to check the situation, leaving the side airlock door of the freighter unlocked. The security team were killed by The Fallen assasins and then quickly after the rest of the crew were killed and then shot out of the air-lock.