Farmer prepares to shoot Susie, 2035

The Farmer was a survivor of the Nuclear war who lived in the badlands.

He grew crops and whatever he could out on his small Farm. Trying to make a living in a world under the control of Johnson's evil Company wasn't easy, yet the Farmer managed to survive.

Living deep in the badlands alone proved difficult for him. With law and order long forgotten raiders would often come to his farm at night stealing his crops. Raiders were not the only problem he faced. Many infected people were loose in the badlands, mad and decaying slowly would often stalk the grounds of the farm insearch of human life. The Farmer recieved so much trouble from raiders that he soon offered a reward to anyone that could help him.

Eventually a woman called Susie who was a bounty hunter visited him, mistaking her for a raider he prepared to shoot her but quickly realized she was not a raider. Susie explained to him that she was looking for a fellow bounty hunter called Kyle who went missing on his way to the farm. The Farmer explains that he has seen nobody for weeks. As night comes the Farmer offers to let Susie stay the night in his farmhouse as he knows the badlands are even more dangerous at night. When Susie and the Famer prepare to retire for the night, the Farmer checks his crops and to his horror and disgust, he discovers that raiders have stolen more of his produce. Suddenly a raider called Billy who had stolen crops shot the Farmer with a hail of bullets killing him instantly, Susie quickly shoots the lone raider while feeling regret that she could not save the Farmer's life.

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