Farm house

Susie finds the farm, 2032

"This must be the farm..." - Susie 2035

The Farm was located in the desert badlands, it was only home to an old Farmer.


The Farm was large enough for growing crops and other vegetables. As food was scarce under Johnson's rule, Raiders and thieves would often steal the Farmer's crops to eat and to sell to the hungry survivors.

Since there were large numbers of infected people roaming the badlands, the Farmer made several fences and other defenses to keep hungry infected out. Due to these recurring problems, the Farmer soon offers a bounty of money to any bounty hunter which can help him.

Raider attacks the Farm

As the Farm was located deep in the badlands, the Farmer didn't expect any visitors, except Raiders and Infected. Soon in 2035 a bounty hunter called Susie arrives at the farm. Although almost mistaking her for a Raider at frst Susie explains she is insearch of a bounty hunter called Kyle who was supposed to have come to the farm. The Farmer explains he hasn't seen him. The Farmer realizes that its getting dark, and that the badlands are treacherous at night he offers to let Susie stay for the night in the safety of his farm.

That night as Susie prepares to retire for the night, the Farmer makes one last check around his vegetable patches.

To his disgust, he discovers that Raiders have stolen
Susie defends farm

Susie defends the Farm

more of his crops. A Raider called Billy who took the crops is still in the Farm and shoots the Farmer dead before he can get his rifle. Susie watching this from the farmhouse returns fire on the Raider shooting him with a pistol killing him instantly.

After Susie rescues her friend Kyle, and reunites with her old friend Scaz she decides to take them back to the farm for Kyle to recover after his capture by raiders. As they arrive back on the farm, a young woman called Rebecca who had went to the farm earlier for protection tries to shoot them mistaking them for enemies. After explaining the situation she joins them and they set off back to the overcrowded city outside the badlands.

Susie and the group breifly return to the farmhouse after an attack by the Fallen.

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