The Fallen Elite troop

An Elite Fallen troop in action, 2035

"Kill her!" - Fallen to Susie 2035

The Elite troop we`re highly trained soldiers and the last of the Fallen, once miner`s on the Colony, then evil corrupted killers, their uniforms and armour we`re different than normal troops of the Fallen, they we`re probably the killers who attack a E,D,F base and killed Agent Shepard, while their fellow soldiers and Kurvious, Admiral Darak and their evil leader the Dark Lord we`re defeated at battle of Outpost IV they we`re stuck on earth, in 2035 they decided to travel to The Tomb of Darkness , in the past they came to the tomb with the Dark Lord in search of great power, their leader found a child under the tomb, the child was the evill Johnson, they planned to unleash power from the tomb, on the way to the tomb they came across Kyle, Scaz and Rebecca, they quickly attack the trio, and then leave for the tomb, later a woman called Susie comes to stop them, they quickly try to shoot her, but Susie quickly kills them one by one, then the last one surrenders and tells Susie everthing that they planned to do, then Claw comes and shoots the last troop of the Fallen killing him.

It is unknown if they knew about their leader the Dark Lord who was alive.

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