Doctor Reeve

Doctor Reeve in his lab, 2032

"This virus should be destroyed!" - Doctor Reeve


Doctor Reeve was a scientist working for the reformed Dark Origin for containing the virus. Reeve was stationed in the organization's base under New York.

When Dark Origin leader Johnson returned to New York from the Colony with samples of the virus, he handed them to Reeve so that they may be secured.

In 2035 as the battle of New York was taking place, Reeve was down below the city in his lab securing samples of the virus into a secured briefcase. Although Reeve was loyal to Johnson, he believed that the virus was so dangerous that it really be destroyed but he still continued his work. Suddenly two Company Agents, Frank and Hamper enter the lab demanding the samples. Reeve although unable to defend himself refuses to give them the virus samples reminding them of the devastating impacts it had when the last time the Company had them back in 2010. Agent Frank simply shoots Reeve in his gut and leaves with the samples ignoring a wounded Reeves warnings that the breifcase has not been fully secured. Alone and dying Reeve decides that he won't let them take the samples, injecting a small syringe of the virus into his leg he becomes infected within seconds.

Doctor Reeve, now infected easily recovers from his wound and prepares to hunt down the two agents. Although infected, his strong mind and determination to stop the agents prevents him from becoming fully infected. Hamper and Frank are caught completely off guard and are slaughtered, unable to fight off Reeve they are killed.

Reeve was later killed by the nuke which was launched on New York later.

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