Doctor kelly

Doctor Kelly on the bridge of the Shadow Sword, 2010

"No, I won`t let you spread the Virus!" Kelly to Captain Landson 2010

Docter Kelly was the Company head researcher, she was posted on the Shadow Sword which had just found the Colony and began mining, Kelly didn`t go down to the Colony much often and spent most of the time on the Shadow Sword working in her lab under the Command of Captain Landson, she had no idea that soon miners became mad and infected because of a virus, she tried to treat the infected in the sick bay but they got loose and killed many Company troops on the ships she tried to create a cure for the virus, but she couldnt because of the infected, she was on the ship where 2 miners called Richard Temple and Jimmy Jezez after getting contact with company agent Johnson for help, when the Captain went mad on the ship killed all company troops and set the ship to earth so that the virus could be unleashed on earth, Kelly tried to stop the cource but she could not so she opened the air vents for a while, this would of stopped the infected and the Captain but she died in the process, her dead body quickly rotted away.

Docter Kelly wasn`t mentioned or heard about again, Howard Gallow may of found some of her work while going through Company work, Johnson probably did some of his work using Dr Kelly`s research about the virus, he may of also used her work for a cure to make the cure for the virus.