Dr jerry

Doctor Jerry in his computer lab, 2020

"Oh no!" - Docter Jerry, 2020


Docter Jerry survived the virus-outbreak in 2010 and after the Eradication of the virus in 2011, he worked for the Goverment on the Nuculear weapons facility island, as head of weapons research. In 2020 the island was taken over by Dark Origin and its leader Howard Gallow, Doctor Jerry went and hid in his computer lab while Agent Darrell was held captive for his detonation code, Jerry had the 2nd code for the nuke. Later on, Susie, a G.B.S.S. officer came to save Darrell and stop the terrorists, Susie met Jerry and got her new friend Steve Temple (a police officer who was on the island to protect Agent Darrell) to look after him while she dealt with Dark Origin. Later Steve was killed and Jerry soon found out and told Susie that Howard was also brother of Zakk and Reaper, who were had been destroyed many years before. Susie then gets knocked out and Jerry is captured by Howard and with some of his Grunt troops. They left for the old town of Hill Nothing to get to the Secret lab. Susie and her old friend Scaz try to stop Howard and save Jerry, Howard was using Jerry`s computer skills to get codes from the Company, Susie and Scaz arrived and killed Howard`s men and fought with Howard, after a brutal battle Susie and Jerry soon flee the lab which is burning and blowing up, and Howard and Scaz are in the lab as it explodes.

It is unknown what happend to Doctor Jerry after, he would have most likely continued to work for the government untill the virus outbreak happend again in 2032.