Doctor Gilbert

Doctor Gilbert in Company lab, 2035

"I can`t escape the darkness!" Doctor Gilbert 2035


Doctor Gilbert worked for the Company under Johnson's control in 2035. He would of been one of the scientist's involved with the creation of the cure to solve the virus problem. He was stationed in Johnson's base which was built deep within The Badlands.

Doctor Gilbert was one of the very few people Johnson would talk to about the Darkness which was coming, more importantly the return of the Dark Lord and its true identidy.

Doctor Gilbert was present in Johnson's base during the night when The rebals attacked. Gilbert hid in a Company lab, knowing that soon the Dark Lord will return and drain the soul of every last human on Earth. While hiding in the lab, someone had activated poisen gas which came out through the air vents and swarmed the lab which exposed Gilbert to the toxins. Although he appeared unaffected by the poisen, he remained terrified at the thought of the Darkness returning. Susie, a rebal soon encountered Gilbert in the lab wearing a hazard suit. She attempted to help him until he tells her he's already been exposed to the gases. He tries to warn her about the darkness, but she ignores him and leaves the lab.

As the Dark Lord arrives, draining every Company grunt's soul, Gilbert realizes his end has almost arrived. As the Dark Lord approaches him, it intimadates Gilbert as it prepares to drain his soul. Before his death, Gilbert tells the Dsrk Lord he knows its true identidy and Susie will never forgive it when she realizes the truth. It then drains Gilbert's soul killing him instantly.

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