Doctor alexia

Doctor Alexia at the warehouse, 2032

"I hear you Susie" Dr Alexia to Susie 2032

Dr Alexia was working with General James Young, she was good at her nuculear work , she first met Susie first met her when she seeked help to capture Claw and stop some agents in New York . Later she and Susie, General Young and Private Ninch attacked the warehouse killing many agents, but with Private Ninch dead and Claw and a agent escaping, soon Susie`s old friend Adam returns who Susie thought had died years ago, Adam explains to the group that the Dark Portal had saved him from death and two other people survived as well (Johnson and Susie`s Dad) then Laughing Purple attacks Dr Alexia and she has to defend herself, then Susie and the group come and fight her off, then they get a call from the E,D,F ( Earth Defense Force) which gives them information about the Dark Portal and about some space freighters, so Susie and Young go to investagate a deserted Space freighter and Adam and Dr Alexia go to Africa to look for the Dark portal.

In Africa they did some work for finding the Dark portal and investagating, soon Adam came face to face with the evil Johnson and Susie`s Dad (who was working with Johnson so he could see Susie again) yet again, at first Johnson wanted Adam to join him, Adam refused and was then shot by Susie`s Dad! and buried alive, and it is still unknown if he is dead or not. Later Susie phoned Dr Alexia to return to New York to stop Johnson and Dark Origin, Dr Alexia said she would be there in 5 hours, later Dr Alexia got to New York and had to go through the infected streets, she meets up again with Susie and also meets a cop called Matt, they soon head out but she soon gets seperated from them and met up with Kyle and Susie`s Dad who are trying to stop Johnson, they all meet up again at the end and escape New York which is to be destroyed at sunrise by a nuke, they soon escape the city on a helicopter, Dr Alexia says after this she will leave America for good.

It is unkown what happened to Doctor Alexia after 2032, she may of been killed in the nuculear war after or if she escaped to a safer country.