Two Destroyers enter lab, 2032

"But they were all destroyed in New York!?" - Scaz to Claw in 2040

The Destroyer's are a race of humanoid mercenaries created by the Company. Devoid of all emotion they simply exist as grunts.


With the successful creation of three near indestructable children, Reaper, Zakk and Howard Gallow the Company began work on new soldiers based on Reaper as a template.

The new soldiers were christened the "Destroyers", born only to fight.  During their creation proper human vocal chords were never properly developed so they could only produce indecipherable sounds. By the time a destroyer was fully grown they bore severe scaring and other deformities.  However, the Destroyers proved very powerful in battle. Their sheer strengh allowed them to endure heavy amounts of gunfire and strangle their victims to death within seconds.  They were also very comptetent in the use of weapons and carried the latest weaponary the Company had at its disposal.  

In 2032, the Company sent a large number of Destroyers, as well as Assasin robots to New York during the virus attack. Their mission was to find and kill Susie and former Company agent Johnson.  While both Susie and Johnson managed to fight them, they easily killed several of Susie's allies.  The remaining Destroyers were killed when the US Government destroyed the city with a nuke the following morning.  At this point, it was assumed they had all been wiped out.

Johnson quickly took over the Company and decided to create a new army of Destroyers. Although just a small batch were developed before his death removing his chance of using them.  By 2040, with Claw at the helm of Dark Origin he recruited the last Destroyers.  Claw would use them in his war against Scaz and the Global republic.  

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