Derek stoden

Derek Stoden on Earth, 2009

Derek Stoden was an explorer who went missing in space in 2009.

Early lifeEdit

Little is known about Derek's early life, but he became very interested in exploring from a young age. When he was old enough, he left home and began exploring all over the world, but that wasn't enough for Derek. He promised himself that one day he would travel deep into space to find ancient secrets all over the galaxy.

2009 & DeathEdit

After leaving to venture in deep space, Derek found a Dead World deep in the Unknown regions of space. After spending a few days exploring the planet, Derek came across a tomb, it was much like the Tomb of secrets on Earth. After searching around the tomb, Derek opened a large sealed door, one that looked like it had been sealed for a reason a long time ago. A mysterious force known as The Darkness escaped from it's prison and entered Derek's body. It is still unknown what happend to Derek.

Derek will be the main character in the new upcoming series Dark Days in 2013.

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