Dead world

Lucy "Susie's mum" awakens on the dead world

"I woke up on a strange world, a dead world..." - Lucy 2035

The Dead world is an empty barren planet located somewhere far in the unknown regions of space. It seemed to have no sign of life, everthing was dead. It was believed that the planet was once controlled by a powerfull king. A massive war between his people and the mysterious Xen occured thousands of years before the events of Hill Nothing. Susie`s Mum and a human we`re brought there by a Dark Portal which saved them from getting killed in a car accident in New York. The planet looked like it had the same fate as Valmcaster V, for it had a similar destroyed landscape. Not long after arriving, Lucy and the other human began to fear for survival, and after 3 days of being on the planet, Lucy killed the man in fear of her own life, this is how darkness first got into Lucy, she then became known as the Dark Lord. How she got off the planet is still unknown.

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