Dark-Days001 1

Coming 2013!

Dark Days was an upcoming short-length movie for the Road to Hill Nothing series, but was cancelled before any work on it had started. It was to be the first in the series to feature voice acting and planned to have Derek Stoden as the main character. Flash-backs were planned to be a big part of it throughout the movie to build more of a back story behind Derek's life.


It is the year 2009. An explorer named Derek Stoden leaves to venture in deep space, to search for an ancient species called the Xen. He discovers a Dead planet deep in the Unknown regions of space and decides to explore it. After spending a few days on the planet, his ship is destroyed by a pack of creatures called the Plague. Derek later discovers an ancient tomb. After exploring deep within the tomb, Derek opens a large sealed door, one that looked like it had been sealed for a reason a long time ago. An ancient evil known as the Darkness awakens and consumes Derek's body. Bent of destroying all life, the consumed Derek trys to find a way off the planet to get back to Earth, so he can begin draining all life in the galaxy to grow his power.

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