Count Lewis

Count Lewis during the 1940s.

Count Lewis was a British politician and one of the co-founding members of the Company in the 1940s.

The Company beginsEdit

Count Lewis and Frank Edmund II started the Company close to the end of World War II. They both had the dream of a new world which they both wanted to be involved in creating. They dreamed of a society of strong men and women that would consist of only scientists, everyone else in their eyes would be outcasts. It only took a couple of years for the two founders to become rich men with an army of followers now known as "The Company"

The VirusEdit

It is unknown if Count Lewis and Frank planned for the creation of the virus, or if it was the future company leaders that did, all that is known is that they both shared a vision of strong and wise people, and that they cared nothing for anyone else, they may have wanted to create a virus to decrease the human population.


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