"The Company leaders are behind that door?" - Susie to Johnson 2032

The Company leaders we're a group of 5 people that controlled the Company years after it
Company leaders

The Company leaders, 2032

had been formed by Count Lewis and Frank Edmund II, they mainly produced bio and nuculear weapons. They we're also responsible for the creation of the giant space craft called the Shadow Sword and the mining operations on The Colony in 2010.


They took control of the Company and were apointed as Company leader's many years after the deaths of Count Lewis and Frank Edmund II.

Years before they took controll of the Company, Professor Uric Stone had created a virus, which was extremly dangerous, the five leaders then came up with an evil and very sinister plan, to unleash the virus onto the Colony to test its true power. Many died miners and Company troops died on the Colony and many more became infected. Soon after getting messages from their Company agent Johnson, the virus came into contact with earth, Russia was among the first countries to be nuked in order to prevent the virus from spreading, but the virus did spread, the Company leaders soon convinced the Russian government to send a Russian attack force to kill a Company agent called Scarlet in Hill Nothing who betrayed them.

Soon the leaders went into hiding under several bases in New York, in 2011 after the virus was eradicated the Company leaders we're wanted criminals, instead of having to face the world for what they had done, they sealed themsleves in a room in an underground base under New York and killed themselves with poisen gases. However the world didn't know about their act of suiside, and many angry people such as Susie wanted revenge on them.

Although they were dead, Company agents would take charge of smaller factions of the Company, along with many Company troops.

Their bodies we're later found by Susie and Johnson, but the evil Johnson saw their deaths as a advantage so he could take over the Company.

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