Johnson, the last leader of the Company

"It seems the Company will need a new leader..." - Johnson

The title of "Company leader" was given to the person or people who ran the Company, the biggest global weapon making corporation on Earth.


When the Company was founded after the second World War by Count Lewis and Frank Edmund II they both took the rank of Company leader and both controlled their Company. After the death of Count Lewis, Frank Edmund took complete control of the Company as its sole leader.

By 2010, the Company was run by five new Company leaders. They were the Company leaders who took the Company up a new level. They created the massive spacecraft known as the Shadow Sword and the mining operations on The Colony, they were also reponsible for unleashing The virus  on the Colony which Professor Uric Stone had made years earlier.

Later in 2010, as the virus was unleashed on earth killing many and others into crazed infected, the Company leaders went into hiding under New York city in their bunkers. During the attack, Company agent Johnson went to the deserted Shadow Sword in space to get to the Colony with other people went missing, fearing that they may have lost their best agent. The sent a few agents on a small space shuttle to the Colony to find Johnson.

When the virus was eradicated in 2011, the Company was shut-down and the leaders were wanted criminals by the US Government. Knowing that they would have to deal with what they had done, they vented a poison into the main room where they sat, they all died within a matter of minutes. The title of "Company leader" was abolished.

Although the Company was shut down, smaller factions of it still existed. Company agents and Company Officers took control of what remained of the Company but the rank of Company leader was not restored.

In 2032, after the second virus attack on Earth, Susie and Johnson went to the bunker where the former Company leaders were. However to their shock, they only discovered only their skeletons. Johnson decided that the Company was unorganized and needed a leader, Johnson decided to take control offering Susie the chance of joining him. She refuses and tries to kill her old enemy but Johnson escapes.

By 2035, Johnson was now the new single leader of the Company. Johnson had set up his main Head Quarters at Hill Nothing while his own base was located deep within the Badlands. When Johnson was eventually killed by Susie's Mother Lucy, the Company was once again shut down permanently and the rank of Company leader was again abolished.

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