Company grunt

A Company grunt troop opens fire, 2035

Company Grunt`s we're soldiers under the command of Johnson`s evil Company, Johnson had thousands of these troops, they were trained to fight in any combat and terrain, while Johnson led the Company the troops units we're controlled by Company Officers.

These troops would keep the new world under Johnson`s controll and we`re more than a match for The rebals which were Johnson`s only threat from ruling the world.

Although Johnson knew his soldiers we`re strong they would be no match for the Fallen and the Dark Lord, when the Rebals attacked his base with Scaz and his friends killing many grunts, but the grunts with better firepower killed most of the rebals, the Dark Lord soon came and although the grunts shot it several times one by one the remaining grunts in the base were killed by its power, a number of grunts were posted at Johnson`s main base in Hill Nothing. After the death of Johnson the grunts would of been disbanded.

The remaining Grunts later joined Claw for his war against the Global republic.

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