Company agents

Two Company agents outside Doctor Reeve's lab, 2032

Company agents were normally sent to make deals with other companies and government branches. They were also used for spying, assasination and escorting.

After the suicide of the Company leaders in 2011 and the Company shut down. Several Company Agents would take over what remained.

Agent Kyle was sent by The Company to make a deal with Dark Origin in 2032, for a joint operation with the Dark Portal. Two Company agents were sent below Johnson's office building in 2032, where a secret lab facility was holding the Virus. Doctor Reeve tryed to stop one of the agents from taking the virus samples, which ended up leaving the doctor with a bullet in his stomach! Doctor Reeve injected himself with the virus and hunted down the two Company agents!

When Johnson took over the Company in 2032, the Company Agents are reduced to mainly combat duties fighting alongside ordinary Company grunts.

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