Commander flyod

Commander Flyod in the security station on Outpost IV, 2032

"Yes, of course..." - Commander Flyod to Susie, 2032

Commander Flyod was posted on the moon station Outpost IV in 2032, he was placed incharge of the Outpost IV security force, he spent most time in the security station contacting earth and his officers, since Outpost IV was faraway from earth the moon station was full of crime and gangsters and had not enough officers to keep the peace, in 2032 Flyod was told by Susie and White that the Fallen, Kurvious and the Dark Lord we`re coming to attack, he quickly contacts earth, and talks to Agent Shepard at the Earth Defense Force base, and tells them to send a fleet up to save the station, while talking to Shepard the E,D,F, base is attacked and he see`s Shepard getting shot to death, soon Susie and White leave to earth to prepare the defense, Admiral Riffo and a space fleet comes to defend the station, Susie, White and Guardians come to stop the Fallen, this becomes known as the Battle of Outpost IV, with the E,D,F, and Susie winning the battle, although it was a victory, Outpost IV was badly damaged and many killed, Commander Flyod would of helped rebuild the station and returned to normal duties after.