Commander Coil

Commander Coil, 2035

Commander Coil was a senoir ranking Company officer and second in command of The Company after Johnson.


In 2035 with Johnson incharge of the Company, Coil was stationed at the Company's main headquarters in the town of Hill Nothing. It was also in Hill Nothing where he oversaw the work on the last Dark Portal.

Following the Rebals attack on Johnson's base in the Badlands, Johnson with Colonel Damus travelled to Hill Nothing where Commander Coil greeted Johnson. He was left in control of the Company while Johnson and Damus went to hell through the dark portal. However, Coil's rise to complete power brought with it problems. Rebal leader Scaz along with his friend Susie and ex-Company officer Claw arrived at Hill Nothing to stop Johnson. While awaiting urgently needed reinforcements, Coil sent Captain Lynch along with some other Company troop's to kill the three rebals, although Susie and Scaz killed his troopers and the Dark Lord had arrived draining Lynch.

Coil at this time was in the Hill Nothing CCTV building, awaiting the reinforcements with Lieutenant Mason. At this point, Coil was enraged and was desparate to hide the Dark Portal while Susie and Scaz were invading the building and the Dark Lord was outside draining every Company grunt. Mason died trying to fight Susie and Scaz, and Coil was now more angry than ever. Suddenly Susie and Scaz enter his office, Coil quickly opens fire with his pistol and manages to wound Scaz but is shot dead by Susie.

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