Colonel black

Colonel Black on the bridge of the Shadow Sword, 2010

"Security is on its way" - Black to Captain Landson 2010

Colonel Black worked for he Company in 2010 and after the massive space craft the "Shadow Sword" was built Black due to his background and training was sent on the ship to join in on the mission to find a planet sized rock for mining.

He was second in command next to Captain Landson, the went into space to look for a large sized planet for mining, soon they found a perfect plannet in space for minning, the Colony, soon minners and operations are carried out, Colonel Black stayed in the bridge commanding Company troops and assiting Captain Landson and Major Hunt, soon miners started to vanish on the Colony and many miners became sick then later mad on the ship attacking others, later the sick miners became infected and storm the ship, the missing miners on the Colony soon return now mad and infected because of a strange virus, Black with the Captain and Doctor Kelly ordered the Ship`s entrances to be sealed and locked, two miners Richard Temple and Jimmy Jezez crashed through the ship into the ship's dock on a shuttle, Black was angry because of this, Jimmy was brought before him and the Captain, and Richard was killed after the crash by Company troops, soon the Captain went insane and shot Black and the crew, his body was later destroyed when the air vents opened which cut off the ship's oxygen.