Colonel Bane

Colonel Bane watches Susie on monitors, 2032

"Kurvious is a fool and will fail, I will not" Bane 2032

Colonel Bane was once a miner working on the Colony, with other miners Darak and Stephen Cornel he survived the virus attack on the planet, later he and many other surving miners we're corrupted by a darkness on the edge of space, later he was serving in the Fallen under the Dark Lord, he and the Fallen with the Dark Lord travelled from planet to planet killing all life, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and was next in line to Kurvious and Darak who was a Admiral, he seemed to have a dislke for Kurvious and regarded him as a fool, in 2032 he and the Fallen with Kurvious captured and took over a space Freighter, he and his men quickly kill the crew and controll the ship, and help destroy a E,D,F ship that was sent to investagate Bane watched over the ship through monitor computers, later a man called James Young and a woman called Susie we're sent up to investagate, Bane watched Susie's every move on the ship, he sent some of his men to kill James and Susie but they we're all killed including himself.

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