Susie and her dad land on the coast with Reaper, 2010

"I see the coast line. Time to land this thing" Reaper 2010

The coast was the gateway to the sea, an american Army unit we`re posted here, during the virus outbreak in 2010, an american Captain with a soldier called Kevinson and another soldier had to flee their base with infected close behind, later a helicopter arrived with a man called Reaper, a teenager girl called Susie and her Dad who tried to find a boat to escape the country, after infected people we`re comming closer the trio left for the coast jungle, they met the Captain with his two men, he informs them that the country is under quarantine and they can`t escape, suddenly infected arrive hungry for human flesh, Reaper and the soldiers hold off the infected for a short time but too many attack and Kevinson and the other soldier are killed, the Captain and the group quickly run back to the helicopter and plan their escape, then Reaper`s brother Zakk arrives and kills the Captain, he takes the group to Russia leaving the coast empty again.