Chief in his office in Africa, 2020

"Good work!" - Chief to Susie 2020


The Chief was serving in the G.B.S.S (Global Biohazard Security Service), he was stationed in Africa near Dusten Valley, he knew many famous and well known G.B.S.S. officer's, he knew former Spec-ops officer James Young, Susie and Rex, in 2020 after getting information from the President of the United Satates of America that a terrorist group known as Dark Origin led by a mysterious man known as Howard Gallow had taken of the Nuclear weapons facility island which was where the American Goverment stored their warheads, the terrorists also said that if the Goverment never gave them 1 billion dollars and Shadow Sword data they would launch a warhead, Susie was picked for the mission to go to the island and stop the terrorists, throughout Susie's mission, the Chief kept contact with Susie helping her, along with James Young and Rex. At one point during the mission the Chief sent James Younng and several other officer's to help Susie when Howard took a captured Susie to Hill Nothing to complete the rest of his plans, in the end Dark Origin we're defeated and Howard stopped. The Chief after the mission would of continued working for the G.B.S.S. untill The virus attack in 2032.