Captain Max

Captain Max on the battlefield, 2040

Captain Max is a new character starring in the new series Road to Hill Nothing: Apocalypse, Max survived The virus attack in 2032 and in 2040 after the death of Johnson and the fall of his Company, Max quickly joined the Global republic and made friends with a man called Scaz the leader of The rebals, when news of Johnson's former Company officer Claw who had fought with the rebals and later became friends with Scaz was planning to reform Dark Origin and spread doom across the world Captain Max, Scaz and Global republic troops attack Claw and his men, Scaz and Max almost stops Claw from activating the G.K.D. (Global Killer Device) but are too late the device is activated and almost all of the human race are killed.

Max and the other surviving humans we're forced to make an Underground city to survive, Max and other surviving Global Republic troops took charge to controll the city, Max like Anderson and Rose we're worried about Scaz's abrupt change, one day Max learns of Scaz leaving the city to the badlands with the help of Rose, Max also hears that Rose attacked Anderson in order to leave the city, Max and his men are too late to stop Scaz, but find Rose in a bar and arrest her, Max concerned for Scaz's safety asks Ros where he went to, after getting no answer he has Rose locked in a cell, later terrible bug like creatures attack the city without warning, the creatures kill many of the survivors despite Max and his troop's effort to defend the city, suddenly Max finds himself in trouble, there are too many of the creatures and not enough troops, as the creatures advance towards Max, Rose and a trooper called Kate rescue Max before the creatures could get to him, Max grateful for the help decides they should find out what's going on.

Max with Rose and Kate enter the city's bar to hide from the creatures, suddenly the creatures emerge and attack them, Max orders Rose and Kate to leave, after they depart, Max fights the creatures, then a large group of them enter, Max decides to stay knowing that his death might be near.

Captain Max managed to escape the city with a group of republic troops. They headed towards the coast, following a group of Howard's men which lead them to the Jungle base. Max helped Scaz escape the base before it was destroyed by Howard Gallow.

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