Captain Londergon

Captain Londergon in the underground city's cargo bay, 2040

"Help me!" - Londergon before death

Captain Londergon was a security officer living in the underground city in 2040. He was incharge of the city's cargo bay and it's elevator, which was the only way in and out of the city. Londergon teamed up with Rose and Kate when the city came under attack from the experiments, but his fellow officer Aaron was killed by one of the experiments before Londergon could do anything. Londergon late escaped the city with Kate and Rose and soon met Scaz outside. Scaz explains Dark Origin is behind the experiment attack and they must find its leaders Claw and Howard Gallow.

The group soon decide to locate where Dark Origin's base is located so they can stop them, a strange man called David soon appears and tells them he knows where Dark Origin's base is located, soon after the group heads out he is killed by an experiment despite Kate's attempts to save him.

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