Captain Jacob

Captain Jacob with Officer Eddie and Susie's Dad, 2010

Captain Jacob served in the Hill Nothing police force, he was a senior officer with a higher rank than his other fellow officers, in 2010 Jacob and Officer Eddie with Officer Jenny and Officer Lauren came to arrest Susie`s Dad in the Hill Nothing highschool who had just shot teenage Brian for attacking Susie, he and Eddie arrested Susie`s Dad and took him away in their car to the station, on the way they come across a crashed ambulance, they both inspect it, while a Stranger is watching them, the two cops open the vehicle and out comes an infected Brian who injures Jacob and kills Eddie, Susie`s Dad quickly takes the wounded Jacob in the car and drives off to the Hospital of Hill Nothing, however the car soon crahses and Susie`s Dad tries carries him to the Hospital avoiding infected people in the town, sadly Susie`s Dad is too late and Jacob dies. His corpse still lies in the old ghost town of Hill Nothing.

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