Susie's Dad talks to the Captain in the coast jungle, 2010

"Look out Kevinson!" - Captain to Kevinson 2010

The Captain served in the United States Army as a respected officer, when America came into contact with The virus, the Goverment asked Doctor Emma and her scientists to create a cure for the viurs, the Captain and twenty two soldiers we're instructed to protect Emma, the group hid in the jungle hinking they we're safe from infected, but soon infected hungry for human flesh arrived and attacked them. Doctor Emma is bitten and quickly becomes infected with her scientists being killed. Most of the Captain' men are soon killed, but the Captain with two soldiers called Private Fargo and Kevinson mange to escape the infected.

Soon a small group of people consisting of a teenage Susie, her Dad and a man called Reaper arrive, the Captain soon meets them and tell them that the country is under quarantine and they cannot escape, suddenly infected arrive, they kill Fargo and Kevinson, the group quickly rush out of the area, but the Captain is soon killed by a strange man named Zakk.