Scaz enters the control room of the bunker, 2040

The bunker was a large underground Global republic armory where powerfull weapons were stored, including the G.K.D. which was the most deadliest weapon on Earth.

It was located in the Badlands, very deep below the surface. From the control room of the bunker, the operator had complete control over the countries most devastating weapons. Security was the main concern by the Global Republic, so the bunker was placed under the protection of many Global republic troopers.

In 2040, Dark Origin the infamous terrorist organization had been reformed by Claw. Dark Origin made an attack on the bunker and despite the valiant efforts to defend the armory, all the Global republic troopers were killed and the bunker along with its deadly arsenal of weapons were under Dark Origin's control.

Fearing for the worst, the Global republic sent two of their best combat officer's Scaz and Captain Max along with plenty of troops to recapture the bunker. Scaz and Captain Max were initially succesfull, managing to break through the terrorists lines and even fought their way into the bunker. Claw made his way into the control room preparing to activate the G.K.D. while his men fought and died just outside the room.

Scaz then enters and tries to stop Claw but Claw had prepared for this. Scaz is attacked by Destroyers and just manages to survive with help from Max. As the two began to search for Claw they realize Claw took the G.K.D.'s activating device and even sealed the control room doors. Claw activates the weapon which quickly devastates and ravages the entire planet in minutes! The bunker protected Scaz, Captain Max and anyone still inside from the blasts but thousands outside not under shelter were killed.

With the Planet almost destroyed and the Global republic in ruins, many survivors had to build cities underground to survive. The bunker was most likely abandoned.

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