Brian at Hill Nothing Highschool, 2010

"He's so dead!" - Brian to himself, 2010

Brian was Hill Nothing's highschool bully. He decided to hurt Scaz the most due to Scaz being Susie's best friend. Brian didn't like that due to Susie being his girlfriend. He was one of the first to become infected in Hill Nothing and continued to terrorize Scaz, even after death.

He later attacked Susie, her Dad and Scaz when they were in the hotel, they quickly left. Later when Susie , her Dad Reaper and captured Russian Soldier Adam, the infected Brian was gone. The next morning when Susie, her Dad and Reaper left, the infected Brian and Scaz attack Adam , but Adam manages to kill them both.

Brian is mentioned by Scaz in 2040. Scaz sarcasticly jokes to Rose that the reason why they are mining in Hill Nothing is to find Brian's body, and bring him back to life, just to make Scaz's life even worse.