Bounty hunter picture 2

Bounty hunter on Outpost IV, 2032

"Should i kill them, Boss?" - Bounty hunter to Boss 2032

The Bounty Hunter lived on the small moon station on Outpost IV. For a living he was hired by gangsters to do their killing, in 2032 the New York crimelord known as the Boss hired him to help in the killing of Susie, as he and his Boss we're preparing to kill Susie, Susie's friend White punches and kicks him to the ground, as the Bounty hunter layed on the ground in pain trying to recover, the Boss is angry of his failure, then Stephen Cornel came and killed the Boss. He was now at their mercy, instead of Susie killing him they left him lying on the ground. It is unknown if he survived the Battle of Outpost IV which occured later.

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