Blake waits for Scaz in Hill Nothing, 2040

"Creatures... hundreds of them!" - Blake's dying words to Scaz, 2040

Blake was a businessman who managed to survive the virus attack in 2010, and again in 2032, as well as surviving the G.K.D. (Global Killer Device) bomb in 2040.

After Earth was ravaged by the weapon, Blake had been contacted by a man called Claw to do some mining work in the old deserted town of Hill Nothing, mainly to retrieve some mysterious data from an old Company computer. Blake hired some miners to start the work in the town's old bank. Soon he and the miners found an old ruined lab underneath the ruins of the bank, he quickly sent his miners to work in the lab, clearing all the rubble. A few hours later, Blake lost contact with the miners and decided to investigate the situation. After spending an hour deep in the lab looking for them, Blake quickly decided to contact a friend of his called Rose to help him complete the job, Rose later informed Blake that she would get her friend Scaz to head to the town and help Blake. Scaz arrived in the town later on that night, and Blake quickly explained the situation to him, and then finally sends him down to the lab to retrieve the data and look for the miners. After Scaz is tricked into re-opening a sealed part of the facility, hundreds of the Experiments escape from the lab to the surface, Blake is quickly attacked by the creatures who leave him to bleed to death the street, Scaz was the last person to see him alive.

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