Assasin robot

Assasin robot leader in the company compound, 2032

The Assasin robots were first constructed in 2020, specifically built for the military and the EDF. They were used in the battlefield to support troops for the the next ten years. However, in 2030 they were considered to be a threat to the nations and were destroyed. The robots that were not destroyed were taken by gangs and crimelords, and sold on the black market to the highest bidders. In 2032, a group of Assasin robots were sent by the Company to hunt down and kill Susie. They found her at the abandoned Company compound. A man named Kyle managed to help Susie destroy most of the Assasin robots, then they finally managed to escape the compound on a shuttle, leaving two Assasin robots to countinue their mission, kill Susie. Susie was attacked once again by an Assasin robot, outside the Guardian enclave. She managed to destroy it before it killed her.

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