Agent Shepard

Agent Shepard at the EDF base as it is attacked, 2032

"A warship!" Agent Shepard, 2032

Agent Shepard worked for the special organization the Earth Defense Force in 2032, soon after a space Freighter orbiting in space suddenly was deserted he contacted Susie and James Young in New York from a E,D,F,(Earth Defense Force) base, about the frieghter and about Dark Origin operations in Africa, so Susie and James go out into space, and Susie`s friends Adam and Doctor Alexia go to Africa, later after Susie found out that the Fallen and Kurvious had attacked the ship and they soon kill James and Susie with her new friend White (who was on the ship) leave the ship to Outpost IV, soon with Commander Flyod contact him inform him about the Fallen and Kurvious, they tell him to send a space fleet to stop the Fallen, then the E,D,F base is attacked and while Susie and White watch in horror on screen as unknown attackers shoot Shepard to death.

Agent Shepard would always be remembered by E,D,F, memberme in the sfor his work and his service in the E,D,F.