Agent darrell

Agent Darrell reading a book in cell block, 2020

"Be carefull!" Darrell to Susie 2020

Agent Darrell was a very important Goverment agent, he was connected with the Global Biohazard Security Service.

In 2020 he was posted at the Nuculear facility island, soon a terrorist group called Dark Origin and their leader Howard Gallow, Dark Origin Grunt troops quickly take over the facility and with only Steve Temple and a few policemen defending the island, Darell is soon captured and locked in a cell for his secret codes, soon Susie sent by the president of the United States of America comes and tries to rescue him, before Susie opens his cell, Dark Origin member Claw comes in and stops Susie, Darell watches Susie and Claw fight each other, and Darell is shot during the dual, although Darell was dead, Dark Origin already had his code with the help of GZ, so his death didin`t matter.

Darrell would of been buried after the mission.